Moss removal

Why is there moss on my roof?

We are moss removal experts and know that moss can appear on many roofs. We find some concrete style tiles are most prone for moss. Moss will grow quite steadily and its not until you start to see clumps that you become aware of the possible damage. Moss growth will just increase unless treated properly. Excess moss will hold rain water which will increase the overall weight of the roof, when clumps of moss start to roll off it undoubtedly falls in to your guttering which then gives you another problem. During the winter months the moss will hold the wet and will freeze which then expands and its at this time that tiles can crack or even fall loose. So to prevent large maintenance on your roof and to maintain the overall look of your property remove the moss quickly.

How moss removal?

The moss is taken from the roof by manually scraping off so every nook and cranny is cleared then the whole roof is sprayed with a moss treatment to slow down the growth process. this is the more preferred method as it does non create the mess that other methods cause.

Property Maintenance

Deluxe Window Cleaning Denby offers moss removal as another service to our property maintenance services. I strive to achieve a high level of service for all our property maintenance services in Derby and the surrounding areas.

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Before we arrived...

before moss removal

After we finished...

after moss removal

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Moss removal service is available in Derbyshire and surrounding areas including Denby, Denby Village, Kilburn, Belper, Smalley, Morley, Horsley, Horsley Woodhouse, West Hallam, Ilkeston, Stanley Commom, Stanley Village.